Welcome to M-Sintez Architecture Projects page, a portfolio that narrates our story of architectural and engineering design expertise. Our commitment extends beyond creation, as we we generate precise technical documentation for existing buildings and facilities, ensuring accurate archival records for future reference and maintenance.

Architectural & Engineering Excellence

The fascinating world of architectural and engineering projects for buildings is multi-faceted and encompasses a wide range of activities. These projects typically begin with understanding the client's requirements, following which the design process begins, shaping the building's aesthetics and functionality.

From the conception phase to the realization of the physical structure, these projects require a blend of creativity and technical knowledge. Core elements include site analysis, architectural design, structural design, electrical and mechanical systems design, materials selection, and construction management.

In the architectural design phase, we focus on space planning, form, and function, ensuring that the building's design aligns with the client's vision, while also adhering to local building codes and regulations. The engineering aspect of the projects, on the other hand, involves applying scientific principles to design the building's various systems and structures, ensuring that they are safe, sustainable, and efficient.

By harmonizing architecture and engineering, we create buildings that are not only visually captivating, but also structurally sound, sustainable, and fit for their intended purposes.


What Types of Projects does M-Sintez Architecture Handle?

M-Sintez Architecture handles a wide range of projects including Residential (Homes Projects), Commercial (Workplaces Projects), and Documentary (Documentation Projects) of existing buildings and facilities.

What Approach does M-Sintez Take Towards Designing Homes?

M-Sintez Architecture aims to balance form and function in a sustainable way when designing homes. They utilize principles of energy efficiency, space utilization, and modern design techniques to create dwellings that are both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

How does M-Sintez Architecture Incorporate Sustainability in Their Designs?

M-Sintez applies 20+ years of experience in the building design field to incorporate sustainable design strategies like energy efficiency, sustainable materials use, and site responsiveness in home designs.

What Considerations does M-Sintez Architecture take into Account when Designing Workplaces?

M-Sintez Architecture designs prioritize flexible spaces promoting collaboration, integrate advanced tech for efficient operation, and ensure wellbeing with ergonomic and environmentally friendly design.

How does M-Sintez Architecture use Building Information Modeling (BIM) Tools in Their Projects?

M-Sintez Architecture has a fully functional in house integrated information modelling workflow producing detailed 3D technical visualization, fostering team collaboration, enabling scenario simulations for efficiency, and facilitating precise construction planning.

What does the Documentation Process for Existing Buildings Involve at M-Sintez Architecture?

Our documentation process meticulously creates detailed CAD drawings, 3D renderings, and more, to provide accurate records for maintenance, renovations, and preservation of heritage.

What Types of Drawings does M-Sintez Architecture Create for Existing Buildings and Facilities?

Comprehensive documentation requires various types of specialists drawings, including plan surveying, section views, elevations, and 3D renderings, to fully represent the existing building or facility.

How does M-Sintez Architecture`s Documentation Support the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Efficient Maintenance?

Our Documentary process produces precise archival records, by which we ensure the preservation of cultural heritage and facilitate efficient maintenance, preventing future discrepancies.

What are the Benefits of Creating Technical Documentation for Existing Structures?

Technical documentation safeguards a building's history, aids in maintenance, minimizes renovation discrepancies, and supports the preservation of cultural heritage. 

How does M-Sintez Architecture Ensure Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations in Their Projects?

We ensure compliance by staying updated with regulations, designing with guidelines in mind, leveraging diverse expertise, conducting regular audits, working closely with authorities, and promoting continuous learning.

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