Discover a sleek, year-round sanctuary for a family of 5! Boasting three cutting-edge structures, our design marries regulatory compliance, geographical harmony, and contemporary elegance. Beyond family comfort, there's ample space for visiting relatives and business associates, making it the epitome of modern architectural prowess and functionality.

Project Title

Single Family Multi Storey Residential Complex 100 Bora Boyana 


4 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Living, Office, Parking





710.10 m

Land Lot

2210 m2




480 m2

Built-up Area

1064 m2


4 Car Garage, 10 Slot Carport

Construction Type

Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Skeleton

Roof Type

Pitched (Sloped) Zinc Roof

Floor Above-grade

3 Floors

Basements bellow-grade

1 Basement Floor

Floor Height

3.10 m, 4.20 m, 5.20 m

Ceiling Height

2.80 m, 3.90 m, 4.50 m

Roof Height

10.20 m (max)

Wall Height

7.50 m (max)

Sustainability Features

Solar Roofs, Heat Pump, EPS insulation, Façade Systems for Cladding and Glazing, Water Collectors

Recreational Features

Outdoor Pool Lounge, Gym, Spa

Build Expense

3M €

1. Situational Plan

M-Sintez Situation Plan for Mansion Boyana

The total area of the land lot is 2210 m2. On this land, there is a complex with three main buildings, taking up 480 m2.

These buildings are listed below:

The rest of the land, which is 1730 m2, is used for plants, parking, a pool lounge, and fun activities.

Garage Gym House

The Garage Gym House is accessible through the entrance, conveniently located at the street level, ensuring safe access. Covered sliding gates open to provide a 6-meter wide passage to the garage, with space for 4 SUVs.

The land lot is located between two streets that are at different levels. There's a 15-meter difference in height between the streets. People can enter the complex from the higher street 4 SUV Garage to the South or the lower street 10 Slot Solar Carport to the North.

M-Sintez Mansion Boyana Entrance View 4 Slot SUV Garage

The Garage House features a 10-meter roll-up door and a small workshop area with a sink and countertop.

From the Garage House, there are 3 other exits:

  • A bridge from a door to the North leads directly to the 2nd floor of the Main House.
  • An internal staircase provides safe access to a covered walkway underneath the bridge and brings people to a fully equipped cross-training gym. The gym has a bathroom, a changing room, and a small kitchen with a supplement bar.
  • A covered walkway, found underneath the bridge, guides people towards the entrance to the 1st floor of the Main House.
M-Sintez Mansion Boyana Main House Entrance View

The entrance to the 1st floor of the Main House is on the same level as the gym, making it easy and convenient to access both.

They both share a scenic covered terrace that offers beautiful open-air views of the surrounding nature.

Moving away from this terrace to the North, the whole complex unveils itself as a cascade along the sloped land between the two streets.

While facing South, towards the Vitosha Mountain, the Main House is tucked into the landscape.

When viewed from the North-East, it shows its full size.

Main House

The Main House has 4 levels - 3 floors above ground and 1 underground floor for technical rooms.

It serves as the main living space, built around a central staircase, and offers a view of the city of Sofia to the northeast and a large courtyard.

M-Sintez Architecture Main House East View

A convenient bypass fully encircles the Main House, providing easy and continuous access around it.

In the North-East, it gracefully descends to the lowest above-ground level, seamlessly navigating the space around the office and facilitating direct access from the North.

This thoughtful design ensures an effortless journey around the property, offering ease of access and a fluid connection between essential spaces.

M-Sintez Architecture Pool View Mansion Boyana

Throughout this gentle stroll around the Main House, the visitor remains enveloped by the serene embrace of nature, adding a tranquil backdrop to every step taken.

The path intuitively guides one towards the delightful summer pool house lounge, establishing a subtle transition from the verdant surroundings to a space where relaxation and leisure converge.

Here, amidst the quietude and lush greenery, one can truly unwind, ensuring that the journey through the property is seamless and a continual engagement with natural beauty and peaceful repose.

Pool House

The Pool House is showed on the image below, adorned with a splendid 25-meter pool, stands as a sanctuary purely dedicated to relaxation and entertainment.

Beyond its substantial swimming lane, the pool also features built-in jacuzzi and wet loungers, meticulously designed for your comfort and leisure.

M-Sintez Architecture Mansion Boyana Pool House Daylight View

Moreover, an evening lounge area with a warming fire pit invites intimate gatherings and serene moments under the starlit sky, ensuring that every moment spent is imbued with tranquility and delight.

M-Sintez Architecture Mansion Boyana Pool House Evening View

The Pool House extends its invitation to a sun-drenched Living Area, offering a space where luminosity and comfort coalesce.

Within, a dining area proudly presents a table with ample space for 12 guests, setting the stage for memorable gatherings and delectable feasts.

M-Sintez Architecture Mansion Boyana Pool House Interior View

An adjacent kitchen, equipped with all necessities and featuring an indoor barbecue, ensures that every culinary adventure is within reach.

Moreover, a cozy fireplace, accompanied by a 60-inch screen TV, provides a corner where warmth, entertainment, and social moments converge, further elevating the luxurious and hospitable ambiance of the space.

Every detail is thoughtfully curated here to enkindle enjoyment and togetherness amidst opulent surroundings.

2. Functional and Structural Integrity

The Functional and Structural Integrity Systems of the complex blend architectural brilliance and solid construction, offering a stunning, yet sturdy home office for a family of young business entrepreneurs.

Crafted with a reinforced concrete monolithic skeleton, the structure not only solidly anchors the residence into the mountain's slope but also ensures robust stability for every component, including the expansive living spaces in the Main House, the elegantly cantilevered garage, and the large, inviting swimming pool.

M-Sintez Mansion Boyana Cascade South East View

The architectural plan shown below of the 1st Floor of "Boyana Mansion," gracefully reveals a meticulous arrangement of columns and walls, forming spaces each numbered and scaled to provide a clear overview of the layout.

M-Sintez Architecture Plans Boyana Mansion 1st Floor

The Entrance and Hallway (1), constituting 9 m2, welcome one into the Main House from the South through a covered walkway originating from the Garage Gym House, providing a shielded and direct entry.

The generously apportioned Stairs/Corridor (2) with 35 m2 not only facilitates access to the other enriching levels of the Main House but also leads northward to the refreshing ambiance of the Pool House.

Heartening and spacious, (3) the Living Room, which spans a generous 45 m2, invites relaxation and social gatherings and opens up to a Panoramic Terrace, where views and open air merge into an enchanting experience.

(4) The Kitchen, a stylish and productive 25 m2 space, promises culinary adventures and boasts a direct view of the Pool, blending functionality with scenic pleasures.

An additional (5) Kitchen Storage, occupying 5 m2, offers practicality and organizational ease.

M-Sintez Arhitecture Mansion Boyana Living Room Interior View Garage Gym

In a more secluded part of the floor, a secondary (6) Hallway of 7 m2 diligently leads only to (7) a WC, ensuring privacy and convenience with its 5 m2.

On the flip side, (8) the Bedroom, an intimate space occupying 20 m2, provides not only a sanctuary for rest but also direct access to the Yard to the South, bridging indoor tranquility with the wholesome embrace of the outdoors.

Supplementary to this are (9) a Wardrobe and (10) a Bathroom, each utilizing 5 m2 and 7 m2 respectively, rounding off the thoroughfare of spaces designed with precision and consideration.

M-Sintez Architecture Kitchen Mansion Boyana

The image of the 2nd Floor of the adeptly designed Boyana Mansion is shown below.

It provides an image of exclusivity and finely segmented living areas, each given a distinct number and scale for a clear visual depiction.

M-Sintez Architecture Plans Boyana Mansion 2nd Floor

Upon ascending, one is greeted in the Stairs/Corridor (11), which thoughtfully provides 25 m2 of space to seamlessly connect the various facets of this floor. Notably, a rectangular skylight window adorns the area above, bathing it in natural light.

For those arriving from the Garage Gym House via the Direct Bridge Passage, it offers a warm welcome, conveniently situating them adjacent to the Secondary Bedroom (15).

M-Sintez Architecture Mansion Boyana Bridge Entrance View

The floor thoughtfully bifurcates into two distinguished levels: the Master and the Secondary, each exuding its character and functionality.

The Master level accommodates (12) the Master Bedroom, a lavish 25 m2 enclave that exclusively enjoys the services of (13) a 9 m2 Wardrobe and (14) a 10 m2 Bathroom.

The Main Bedroom and Wardrobe also grant direct access to a spacious Terrace, seamlessly merging the intimate indoors with a breath of fresh exterior.

Moreover, a refined touch is added with a gallery on this floor, gracefully overviewing the Living Room below, fostering a sense of openness and fluid continuity between the two levels of the mansion.

M-Sintez Architecture Mansion Boyana 2nd Floor Interior Gallery View

On the Secondary level, (15) a Bedroom provides a warm and ample 20 m2, complemented by (16) a 5 m2 Wardrobe, ensuring the convenience of storage and organization.

The upper two floors of "Boyana Mansion" house the main living spaces.

Going below, the focus shifts to additional, versatile areas of the home.

Lower levels reveal a practical office space, a cozy guest apartment, and a serene spa area, each providing specialized functionality within the mansion.

Following is an image of the Floor Plans for the Main House Ground Floor.

M-Sintez Architecture Plans Boyana Mansion Ground Floor

The ground floor of the building showcases a functional layout, offering various distinct spaces:

The 20 m2 Stairs/Corridor (16) connects to different areas, introducing you to a 35 m2 Spa & Sauna (17), featuring a massage bed and an invigorating shower.

Adjacent lies the 50 m2 Office (18), which enjoys direct access to the yard, fostering a balance of focused work and moments of outdoor respite.

M-Sintez Architecture Mansion Boyana Office View Ground Floor

A separate apartment is outlined by (19) a 25 m2 Living Space, (20) a 15 m2 Dining Space, (21) a 20 m2 Kitchen & Bar, (22) a 20 m2 Bedroom, (23) a 10 m2 Wardrobe, and (24) an 8 m2 Bathroom, forming a cohesive and private living area, also boasting its direct access to the yard.

In proximity to the office, (25) a 5 m2 Hallway, (26) a 5 m2 Archive, and (27) a 5 m2 WC collectively serve the office area, ensuring functionality and ease for any work-related activities.

This floor presents a blend of leisure, work, and living, all smartly organized within a single level.

Underneath is the plan for the Basement Floor, where the function is primarily Technical.

M-Sintez Architecture Plans Boyana Mansion Basement Floor

The Basement Floor encompasses the following several crucial areas:

The 15 m2 Stairs/Corridor (29) leads to vital spaces like the 20 m2 Server & Security Room (30) and the 35 m2 Infrastructure Room (31), ensuring smooth operation of the residence.

A 15 m2 Storage Room (32) also provides ample space for essentials, while the 10 m2 Wine Cellar (33) offers a specialized storage environment.

Made with solid monolithic steel reinforced concrete walls - this floor prioritizes the technical and storage needs of the home, merging functionality with intelligent maintenance.

3. Technology and Materials

The technology and materials incorporated in the Mansion Boyana project reflect a harmonious blend of luxury, wellness, and sustainability, adhering to contemporary standards for opulent living.

The adoption of these technologies and materials not only amplifies living standards but also demonstrates a steadfast commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

Below is shown a 3D visualization of an underfloor heating near the façade glazing.

M-Sintez 3D Detail Underfloor Heating
  • All façade openings feature 5-chamber joinery glazing, complemented by 15 cm thermal insulation on all exterior surfaces.
  • A ventilated façade system, enhanced with stone claddings, boosts the buildings' aesthetics and functionality.
  • Comprehensive house automation uses thermostats to manage a heat pump, ensuring efficient heating and cooling amidst the mountainous climate.
  • Solar panels, thoughtfully positioned on house and carport roofs, actively harness solar energy, seamlessly integrating sustainability with daily life.

4. Design Disciplines

The Design Disciplines for the Mansion Boyana Project encompassed a detailed exploration and execution across several architectural and engineering facets, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive development:

  • Architecture: The sophisticated design ensures regulatory compliance and geographical harmony and crafts a delicate balance between contemporary elegance and practicality. With a total structure footprint of 480 m2, the complex proudly hosts three innovative buildings: a 2-story Garage Gym House, a 4-story Main House, and a single-story Pool House
  • Geology: Attuned to the predominantly clay constitution of the soil, the project’s design and construction approach carefully considers and addresses the specific geological nuances to ensure stability and longevity.
  • Geodesy: The meticulous design situates the estate at an elevation of 710.10 m, ensuring a strategic and harmonious blend with its natural surroundings, affording northern access to the garage, as well as southern parking spaces and surrounding the structure with pedestrian-friendly pathways.
  • Construction: The building's backbone comprises a durable reinforced concrete skeleton.
  • Electrical Installation: Each room’s function informed the choice and type of energy-efficient lighting fixtures.
  • HVAC: The structure employs heat pump air conditioning systems for heating, with electric water heaters supplying hot water.
  • Energy Efficiency (EE): Careful material selection for roof and facades, and precise thermal insulation layering, contribute to the building’s energy-efficient operations.
  • Plumbing: Integrating with the local network, the plumbing system ensures a consistent supply of cold and hot water.
  • Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP): Strict adherence to fire safety norms guarantees effective evacuation pathways and leverages existing street fire hydrants for external firefighting water supply.
  • Site Health and Safety Plan (HASP): Developed schemes to ensure the secure and accurate execution of construction and assembly works.
M-Sintez Architecture Mansion Boyana Kitchen Pool View

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What unique architectural elements define Mansion Boyana's design philosophy?

Mansion Boyana seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with geographical harmony. By incorporating sleek, modern designs, the project showcases architectural prowess that accommodates both family living and space for guests, set against the natural backdrop of its locale.

How do the design and materials of Mansion Boyana promote energy efficiency and sustainability?

Mansion Boyana utilizes state-of-the-art materials such as 5-chamber joinery glazing and 15 cm thermal insulation. Along with ventilated facade systems, the project prioritizes solar energy, harnessing it through panels to ensure sustainability and reduce carbon footprints.

What luxurious amenities does the Mansion Boyana's Spa and Sauna area feature for wellness?

Spa and sauna area is designed to be a haven of relaxation. It boasts a massage bed for therapeutic sessions, a luxurious sauna, and a dedicated shower area, ensuring an all-rounded wellness experience.

How does the Mansion Boyana ensure optimal comfort amid the mountain environment with its technological implementations?

Adapting to the mountainous setting, the house incorporates full automation with thermostats that control a heat pump. This system guarantees consistent, comfortable indoor temperatures, providing heating and cooling tailored to the external environment.

What distinctive facilities and functionalities does the Mansion Boyana’s Main House provide for a family of five?

Mansion Boyana’s Main House spans 4 stories, with dedicated living, dining, and relaxation spaces. Catering to the modern family, it ensures that each member has private space while promoting communal interactions through shared areas.

How does the Garage Gym House within the Mansion Boyana complex cater to fitness and vehicle storage needs simultaneously?

The Garage Gym House, spanning two stories, innovatively combines space for vehicle parking on one level with a state-of-the-art fitness area on another. This design maximizes utility without compromising on aesthetics.

In what ways does the Pool House at Mansion Boyana offer both relaxation and entertainment opportunities?

The Pool House, a single-story structure, features a sprawling pool area complemented by built-in jacuzzis, loungers, and an evening lounge with a fire pit. Whether you're in the mood to swim or simply unwind, it's designed for ultimate leisure.

What measures have been integrated into Mansion Boyana’s design to accommodate the geographical and geological specifics of the site?

Respectful of its location, the Mansion is positioned at a 710.10 m elevation, and its foundation is specifically tailored to the site's predominantly clay soil, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

How does Mansion Boyana incorporate eco-friendly practices in its energy and utility management?

Beyond its solar energy utilization, Mansion Boyana integrates energy-efficient lighting sources and maximizes natural insulation. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures reduced energy consumption without compromising on luxury.

What safety and emergency preparedness systems are instilled within the Mansion Boyana to ensure the well-being of its inhabitants?

Safety is paramount in our design. Mansion Boyana has met all necessary fire safety requirements, from the dimensions of doors and stairs to corridor lengths for efficient evacuation. External water supplies from street fire hydrants are also planned, ensuring readiness in emergencies.

6. Conclusion

The Mansion Boyana project showcases a straightforward, practical approach to modern, sustainable living. Nestled within a serene mountain environment, this dwelling provides a functional, comfortable space for a family and their activities.

It uses thoughtful design, efficient technology, and eco-friendly practices as a modest yet comprehensive living solution. Every building material and spatial decision has been made to prioritize inhabitant well-being and environmental respect.

In essence, Mansion Boyana offers a quietly elegant, technologically savvy, and nature-aligned residence, contributing a tangible, replicable model for sustainable residential projects in the future.

M-Sintez Architecture Mansion Boyana Living Room Wine Cabinet View

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