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M-Sintez Promises to help you Build more pleasing and Viable Buildings... for generations to come... so you can Boost Your Real Estate Investment Returns

On this site, we share everything we've learnt about becoming highly effective building designers (without the delays and unrealistic renderings that can confuse you during construction).

"Architects Are Useless"

Constructing buildings is still one of the most difficult and responsible tasks for people to solve. Yes, it's true that architects charge for their services, however good designs actually save you resources in the long run by helping to avoid costly mistakes during construction.

Masters of Building-Know-How

We have gone through extensive education and training as well as rigorous licensing exams. For best and measurable results, we use in our workflow state of the art software solutions for 3D drawing and modeling, as well as maintaining neat technical documentation.

Beautiful = Functional = Sustainable

While aesthetics are certainly important to us, we also prioritize and deliver functionality and usability of spaces in our designs. For us, this applies not only for designing buildings, but also also for urban planning, landscape design, interior design and other related areas.

M-Sintez Architecture Team

Our leadership

Мeet the team

Architecture Design

  • Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. M. Arch Mariana T.
  • M. Arch Georgi S.
  • B. Arch Borislava B.
  • B. Arch Sofiya Z.

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Eng. Eleonora A.
  • Eng. Stoyan A.

Geodesy Surveying

  • Eng. Krasimir S.
  • Eng. Desislava V.
  • Eng. Daniela B.
  • Eng. Nataly T.

Construction Engineering

  • Eng. Spas V. 
  • Eng. Krasimir T.
  • Eng. Angel S.
  • Eng. Miroslav M.
  • Eng. Stefan N.
  • Eng. Stoyan D.
  • Eng. Petar F.

Electrical Engineering

  • Eng. Lidia M.
  • Eng. Vasil I.
  • Eng. Simona T.
  • Eng. Antoaneta K.
  • Eng. Stoyan A.

HVAC & EE Engineering

  • Eng. Angel A.
  • Eng. Kalin K.
  • Eng. Katya I.
  • Eng. Pavel P.

Water Engineering

  • Eng. Stefan T.
  • Eng. Ralitsa R.
  • Eng. Magdalena K.
  • Eng. Veselina M.
  • Eng. Verginia S.

Fire Engineering

  • Eng. Petar P.
  • Eng. Blagovest B.
  • Eng. Yoan V.

Landscape Design

  • Pla. Bistra V.

Here are a few things about us:

  • In 2002 M-Sintez was founded and since then we successfully help investors, landlords and contractors for their building projects with bespoke studies, master planning, conceptual and technical designs, as well as with document preparation, evaluation and negotiation.
  • Besides designing buildings for clients, we also actively teach, support and contribute to university and cultural initiatives where we recommend education as empowering and important.
  • Following a federation of master builders, we operate as members of BG/EU chamber of architects and construction engineers.
  • We believe in meaningful architecture and for us quality is more important than ego.
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Msintez Erasmus+

We mentioned all this here, just to clarify that our perspective on architecture is rooted in actual experience. We are not just a business for generating beautiful images of buildings for the internet, but we develop whole organisms for buildings - with calculated structural elements, piping, electrical circuits, and HVAC systems.

Our basic philosophy is all about developing more promising architecture.

We apply this philosophy to every project we face and work on, whether big or small, and it served us well.

What is MSA About?

The foundation of any serious construction initiative is the architectural program.M-Sintez Architecture (MSA) is about everything you need to recognize (and build) contemporary constructions & maintain their best condition.

To ensure your building endures the test of time, three critical elements are necessary: a well-considered architectural design, efficient construction, and the building's significance to society. Although having the right tools and techniques is crucial, they are not the only factors that determine building success. In reality, the reason why there are buildings that are not attractive to buyers is not a lack of aesthetics or technology, so much as their lack of future potential, poor maintenance, or a generally poor work ethic of the construction team.

You cannot build meaningful architecture for the future without developing a high understanding of human factors, such as needs and economics.

That's why on this site, we also cover the "character ethic" aspect of becoming a sharp and highly effective real estate investor.

Here are a few posts that offer insight of what to expect on M-Sintez Architecture:

Coming From a Socialist Republic: Our Story

Do you know how you read about all these developed, capitalist countries that are leaders in various global industries and offer citizens new opportunities and technologies? The kind of countries where life seems ordered and calculated for generations to come?

Well, the case with our origins is different...Everything we learned in the profession came to us naturally, but the truth is that it was a very bumpy road.


Just after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the Eastern Bloc of Europe started reshaping, and so did our home country Bulgaria. On November 15, 1990, the seventh Grand National Assembly made the decision to rename the country as the Republic of Bulgaria and removed the emblem of the Communist state from the national flag.

Off to a New Age...

The next few years before the year 2000 were nothing more than violent protests in the country and failed plans for a better democratic future. Among all this chaos, we mustered the strength and ambition to graduate from university and start working as architects.

Like any new beginning, this wasn't an easy one either. We had to learn everything by trial and error from scratch.

In the beginning, our activity consisted mainly in documenting and renovating old buildings and contributing to project studies.

Over time, we managed to meet the right clients who trusted us to design everything from houses to warehouses. The scale of the projects we were working on started to grow and so did our team of specialists.

These were some of the first moments when we felt confident in the direction we had chosen for our careers.

However, the times of turbulent change continued, and along with the political excitement came the technological race to optimize design processes.

M-Sintez Architecture Office Blue Eye

Computing Power & Crises

With the growth of the world wide web, and 3D software implementation, the building design workflow became faster and more productive. Drawings and calculations by hand became a thing of the past. This transition disrupted the workflow of big established design studios and gave us a competitive advantage as a small and flexible team when pitching to prospects.

Since then, we have been working tirelessly to create innovative and functional designs. Our team of skilled architects and designers uses the latest technology and software to ensure our plans are accurate, efficient, and sustainable.

Our approach to design has been grounded in the core values of creativity, collaboration, and client satisfaction.

Over the following years, we had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects, from small residential models to large-scale industrial projects. Our experience, combined with our passion for design, allowed us to create unique and innovative solutions for our clients.

However, our success did not come without its share of challenges...

The 2007-2008 financial crisis hit our industry hard, and we had to deal with its effects. Like many companies, we had to make tough decisions - cutting costs and workforce.

This experience made us stronger.

In the aftermath of the crisis, we recognized the need to adapt to the changing landscape of the industry. As a result, we shifted our focus towards emerging trends such as sustainable design and affordable housing, which presented new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Msintez PD Airport

2000 ÷ 2010 : Establishing Our Identity in the Early Years

Our journey began as a small business with a strong background in architectural drafting and academic research.

We excelled in producing drawings, renders and spreadsheet schedules. Additionally, we were facing increasing competition in response to the industry's growing demand for contemporary building designs.

Throughout our initial years, we engaged in international and local architectural contests to discover new opportunities and projects and upgrade our skill set with modeling and presenting buildings.

Before the prevalence of modern social media platforms, this approach proved instrumental in honing our capabilities and developing a comprehensive professional portfolio. Consequently, we could showcase our architectural vision and expertise to prospective clients.

As we strived to build a reputable name for ourselves, we had the opportunity to collaborate with various private and legal entities.

This period was marked by relentless hard work, learning, and adaptation as we navigated the rapidly evolving architectural landscape.

By refining our unique design approach and delivering exceptional results, we gradually established our presence within the competitive field of architecture.

Our tenacity and dedication throughout this decade laid a strong foundation for our future growth and success.

Throughout this formative period, we designed a diverse range of structures, each reflecting our commitment to functional architecture and creative problem-solving.

The following list showcases some of the standout projects we undertook during these years between 2000 and 2010:

  • Unified Kindergarten for six groups Mladost 3.
  • Reconstruction of Bread factory into Elevator Plant.
  • Sandanski Bus Station.
  • Residential Apartments and Spa Complex Balchik Beach & Golf.
  • St. John Hill Ski & Spa Resort.
  • Billa Chain Supermarkets for Blagoevgrad, Burgas, Varna, Drujba, Gabrovo, Sofia, Pernik, Sandanski, Sevlievo, Stara Zagora, Petrich, Tsvetna Borsa.
  • Business Center Blagoevgrad.
  • Family Hotel Chepelare.
  • 3 Houses Dragichevo.
  • Office Building with Warehouses Sofia.
  • House Krivina.
  • House Dragalevtsi.
  • House Gorublqne.
  • Cold Storage Facility Sofia.
  • Photovoltaic Park Jerusalimovo.
  • House Knyazhevo.
  • House Kokalyane.
  • House Malinova Dolina.
  • Residential and Commercial Building Lyulin.
  • Mall Blagoevgrad.
  • Residential Complex Manastirski Livadi.
  • House Markovo.
  • House Novi Iskyr.
  • National Sports Academy Pool.
  • National Hall Boris.
  • Residential Complex Ovcha Kupel.
  • Funeral Home Sofia.
  • House Ravno Pole.
  • Warehouse and Office Building Vrajdebna.
  • Accessible Environment UACEG Sofia.
  • House Vidin.
  • House Bansko.
  • House Bankya.
  • Office Building Bulgaria.
  • Plovdiv Airport.
  • Metrologic Complex German.
Msintez Architecture Office Arena Diana
Msintez Architecture German Metrological Center
Msintez Architecture Mall
Msintez Residential Complex Ovcha Kupel
Msintez Architecture House Ravno Pole
Msintez Architecture Warehouse and Offices
Msintez Architeciture Vidin Building
Msintez Architecture Office Bulgaria
Msintez Architecture Bansko St. John
Msintez Architecture Drujba Warehouse
Msintez Architecture Manastirski
Msintez Architecture Memorium
Msintez Architecture Trebich
Msintez Architecture UACEG
Msintez Architecture Residential Building
Msintez Architecture Office Balchik
Msintez Architecture Office Billa Supermarkets

As we progressed through this initial decade, we continually sought to refine our techniques and expand our expertise.

Our team honed their skills by embracing cutting-edge design principles and technologies, enabling us to serve our clients' needs better.

This growth and development paved the way for the next chapter of our architectural journey, from 2010 to 2020, where new opportunities and challenges awaited.

Msintez Architecture Swimming Pool

2010 ÷ 2020 : Architectural Innovation and Sustainability

The period between 2010 and 2020 in the realm of architecture can be characterized as a time of innovation and sustainability.

As contemporary architects we embraced new technologies, materials, and design concepts, while focusing on eco-friendly practices and energy efficiency.

The era also witnessed a blend of modern and traditional aesthetics, resulting in diverse and visually striking structures.

At M-Sintez Architecture Office , we have been at the forefront of architectural innovation during the transformative decade of 2010-2020.

Our diverse portfolio of projects from this era showcases our commitment to sustainability, contextualism, and human-centric design. 

As experts in the field, we embraced the important ideas that have come to define the architectural landscape of this period, such as adaptive reuse and smart technologies integration.

We took pride in our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our community by consistently designing spaces that not only elevated aesthetics but also improved the quality of life for their inhabitants.

Trust in our experience and expertise, and allow us to guide you in shaping your vision into reality with the same passion and dedication that has cemented our reputation as professionals in architectural practice.

The following list showcases some of the contemporary projects we undertook during the years between 2010 and 2020:

  • S20 Metro Station.
  • EES Dobrich Balik 24.
  • Lectorium Rosicrucianum Balkan Conference Center.
  • Billa Shumen.
  • Cactus Restaurant Vlas.
  • Shops and Warehouse for Building Materials Dobrinishte.
  • House Chepinci.
  • House with Warehouse Poduene.
  • Veterinarian Clinic Finland.
  • Office Building with Warehouses Sofia.
  • Administrative Building Boris.
  • House German.
  • House Gorna Banya.
  • Cold Storage Facility Sofia.
  • Mall Haskovo Bulgaria.
  • 164 GPIE Miguel de Cervantes.
  • House Kazichene.
  • House Knyajevo.
  • House Kostinbrod.
  • Multi-family Residential Building Krasno Selo.
  • Cowsheds Varshets.
  • Housing Complex Kirivna.
  • House Bankya.
  • Housing Complex Berkovica.
  • House Bistrica.
  • House Boyana.
  • House Chepintzi.
  • House Gorublyane.
  • House Harmanli.
  • House Iva.
  • House Karabunar.
  • House Cinema Center II.
  • House Lokorsko.
  • House Alen Mak.
  • House Pavlovo.
  • House Rido Lozen.
  • House Rupcha.
  • Housing Complex Sozopol.
  • House Stimul N.
  • House Vrana.
  • Metalworking workshop Plovdiv.
  • Scientific Educational Center Malko Tarnovo.
  • Mladost Car Wash.
  • Elevator Equipment in the Oborishte Municipality Building.
  • Business Center Boris III.
  • Roof Office Tsarigradsko.
  • Remodeling and Reconstruction Pozitano.
  • Reconstruction of a Former Cinema, Repair and Change of its Purpose into Cabinets for Persons Seeking Asylum in the Building.
  • Industrial Goods Store Primorsko.
  • Regional Fire Service Building Pernik.
  • Slivnitsa Regional Office.
  • Sandanski Mixed-use Building.
  • Administrative Building for NRA Sofia.
  • Warehouse Al. Malinov.
  • Warehouse Dolni Lozen.
  • 134 School Dimcho Debelyanov Sofia.
  • Residential Complex Suhata Reka.
  • Suvorovo Sports Hall.
  • Care Center for Persons with Mental Disorders and Care Center for People with Inability to Self-Service Targovishte.
  • Day Center for Supporting Children with Disabilities and their Families Targovishte.
  • Learning Center Gulu.
  • Wine Cellar Karabunar.
  • Vila Borika.
  • Residential Complex Lozenetz.
  • Administrative Building Headquarters of Generali Sofia.
  • Brewery and Brand Store Bologna.
  • Reconstruction and Modernization of Bank Offices Sofia.
  • Production Plant Bilka.
  • Reconstruction, Renovation and Energy Efficiency Measures for 12 Kindergartens Pleven.
  • Reconstruction of St. Sofia Hall Into a Plenary Hall in the National Assembly Building Sofia.
  • Business Center and Hotel Botevgrad.
  • Patriarch Hotel Sofia.
Msintez Architecture AEG
Msintez Architecture Office Winery
M-Sintez Stimul N House
M-Sintez Pozitano Interior
M-Sintez Patriarch Hotel
M-Sintez Patriarch Interior
M-Sintez Balkan Conference Center
M-Sintez Suvorovo Interior
M-Sintez Parlament Hall
M-Sintez Suvorovo Sports Center
M-Sintez Lozenets 5 Houses
M-Sintez Pernik Firestation
M-Sintez Backayard Office
M-Sintez Architecture Beer Restaurant
Msintez Architecture Office Metrostation 20
M-Sintez Elevator Fabric
M-Sintez House Sozopol
M-Sintez House Shabla
M-Sintez Warehouse Dolni Lozen
M-Sintez House Warehouse
M-Sintez Primorsko Hotel
M-Sintez Zala Sport
M-Sintez Business Center
M-Sintez Architecture Office
M-Sintez Roof
M-Sintez Reception Office Building
M-Sintez Hotel Sofia
M-Sintez 5 Villas Lozenets
M-Sintez Allianz Commercial Office
M-Sintez Hotel Patriarch
M-Sintez Interior Architecture Hotel Room
M-Sintez Architecture Co-working Space

Throughout this formative decade, our relentless pursuit of excellence led us to constantly refine our methodologies and broaden our proficiency.

Our dedicated team sharpened their capabilities by adopting avant-garde design philosophies and advanced technologies, empowering us to surpass our clients' expectations.

This evolution and progression laid the foundation for the subsequent phase of our architectural odyssey, spanning from 2010 to 2020, where a myriad of promising prospects and demanding trials lay in store.

2020+ : Architectural Innovation and Sustainability

As we venture into the new era of 2020 and beyond, architectural innovation and sustainability remain at the forefront of our focus.

Building on the foundations laid in the previous decade, we at M-Sintez Architecture Office are poised to embrace emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies, while maintaining our unwavering dedication to eco-friendly practices, energy efficiency, and human-centric design.

With a keen eye on the evolving needs of our global community, we continue our relentless pursuit of excellence, crafting transformative spaces that harmoniously blend aesthetics, functionality, and environmental consciousness.

As we embarked on the epoch of the 2020s, our architectural endeavors were inextricably intertwined with the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the global pandemic.

The imperative of social distancing during this period transformed the very essence of architectural design, compelling us to rethink and reimagine our approach to spaces.

Our portfolio, a testament to our adaptability and ingenuity, showcases an array of distinguished projects conceived in the wake of 2020.

These projects not only emphasize the significance of effective social distancing measures, but also herald a new era of sustainable and environmentally conscious design, reflecting our unwavering commitment to the betterment of our world.

Here is the ongoing list showcasing some of the contemporary projects we have been working on since 2020:

  • Residential Complex with Offices and Garages Bankya.
  • Trade and Logistics Center Tsaratsovo.
  • Center for Top Achievements at the Institute of Literature Sofia.
  • Production and Storage Facility for Technical Components Bulgaria Vidin.
  • Layouts and Furnishings for 17 apartments Vienna.
  • House Ivanyane.
  • House Sandanski.
  • House Elin Pelin.
  • 4x House Novi Han.
  • 4x Houses Novi Iskar.
  • 5x House Lozenets.
  • House Negushevo.
  • House Marikostino.
  • House Novo Selo.
  • House Obelya.
  • House Vrajdebna.
  • House Brestnik.
  • House Nadejda.
  • Reconstruction of Levski Secondary School.
  • MVR Kostinbrod.
  • House Knyajevo.
  • House Kostinbrod.
  • Municipality of Kostinbrod.
  • United Kindergarten 88 Iskyr.
  • Fire Station Kostinbrod.
  • Warehouse Base Gurkovo.
  • Secondary School Petarch.
  • Guest House Varshets.
  • Museum Vratsa.
  • Extension and Reconstruction of Residential Building and Underground Pool Vienna. 
  • Building and Reinforcement Repair Works Zaharna Fabrica.
  • Repair, Implementation of EE Measures, Accessible Environment and Extension of Katya Popova Hall Building Pleven.
  • Surveying Glavna Direktsiya Izpalnenie Na Nakazaniyata Sofia.
  • Reconstruction of Auditoriums The Southwest University Neofit Rilski Blagoevgrad.
  • and upcoming projects...
M-Sintez Architecture Bankya Residential Complex
M-Sintez Architecture Residential Multifamily Building
M-Sintez Architecture Elin Pelin House
M-Sitnez Architecture Bistrica House
M-Sintez Architecture Vitosha
M-Sintez Architecture Residential Practice
M-Sintez Architecture House Novi
M-Sintez Architecture Kurilo House
M-Sintez Architecture House Mantion
M-Sintez Architecture Office House Bankya
M-Sintez Architecture Office Hall
M-Sintez Architecture Vegetable Garden
M-Sintez Architecture Canopy Detail
M-Sintez Architecture Multifamily Building
M-Sintez Architecture Katya Popova
M-Sintez Architecture Lozenets
M-Sintez Architecture Dirk
M-Sintez Architecture Office House
M-Sintez Architecture Marikostino
M-Sintez Architecture Modern Home
M-Sintez Danube House
M-Sintez Architecture Bulgarlift Base
M-SIntez Interior Vratsa
M-Sintez Architecture Rido Lozen
M-Sintez Architecture Kindergarten Design
M-Sintez Architecture Residential Complex
M-Sintez Architecture Office Backyard
M-Sintez Architecture Office House
M-Sintez Architecture House Novi Iskar
M-Sintez Architecture General Plan TCB Vidin

As the dawn of the 2020s emerged, our unyielding pursuit of perfection impelled us to ceaselessly refine our practices and augment our mastery.

Our devoted team cultivated their prowess by adopting innovative design ideologies and trailblazing technologies, allowing us to eclipse our clients' desires.

This transformative growth and progression laid the bedrock for the next stage of our architectural journey, commencing from 2020, where an abundance of enticing prospects and rigorous tests lay ahead.

M-Sintez Architecture Office House Design

What's Next?

Our business is all part of a larger effort to achieve something significant. While it may seem idealistic, our ultimate aspiration is to have a positive impact on the world around us.

This overall experience seems truly a remarkable opportunity and we want to make a meaningful contribution to it, through sustainable and functional architectural designs.

Can we achieve this ambitious goal? We`re not certain, but are dedicated to continuous practice and refinement, taking on challenging projects so that one day, we may have the capability and strength to change the world - even if it's just in a small way.